Joana Sanz breaks silence in Daniel Alves trial

Joana Sanz breaks silence in Daniel Alves trial

Daniel Alves’ wife, Joana Sanz was heard on the second day of the athlete’s trial, accused of rape and sexual violence; read the model version

This Tuesday, 6th, Joana Sanzwife of Daniel Alves, spoke at the athlete’s trial. The ex-Barcelona, accused of rape and sexual violence, will only testify tomorrow, at the request of his own defense. The companion’s version was one of the most anticipated in the process, which reinforced the husband’s alleged drunkenness on the day of the incident.

“He went to eat with his friends at the restaurant. He spent the day there and came back at almost 4 in the morning. He came back very drunk, a person with a lot of alcohol. He hit the closet and fell on the bed”, reported Sanz. The description is in line with that presented by the nightclub owner and one of Daniel’s friends.

“We stayed from 2:30 pm until 1 am, so we drank a lot. I would say we ordered about five bottles of wine, one of whiskey. Thiago doesn’t drink, Bruno doesn’t drink much, so Daniel and I drink a lot. We ordered four gin and tonic drinks. He had been drinking a lot.”revealed Ulises, who accompanied the full-back at the time.

Source: sportbuzz

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