Shelia, Guardian of Akhmat: “No one needs to be justified in the conflict between Abaskal and Berisha. Both are guilty, but everyone can be understood.”

Goalkeeper “Akhmat” Giorgi Shelia believes that in the conflict, the Grozny midfielder Bernarda Berishi and head coach of Spartak Moscow Guillermo Abascala In the match of the 17th round of the Russian championship, both were guilty.

“Akhmat” At the beginning of December, they beat Spartak with a score of 2:1. After Hamid Agalarov’s goal against the Muscovites in the first half, Abascal received a red card for pushing Berisha. Before that, the Akhmat player jumped with both feet into the red-white technical area next to the coach. Subsequently, the RFU CDC disqualified Abascal for three RPL matches, including one with suspension.

— About your last match with Spartak. 34th minute, Akhmat opens the scoring. How would you react as a coach if a goal was celebrated like this next to you?

— (Laughs.) If I were Abascal, I wouldn’t pay attention to it. At the same time, I understand his reaction. Berisha was hurt by what Abaskal said to him during the match. He got angry, but that happens, I don’t blame Guillermo. There is no need to justify anyone here. Both Abaskal and Berisha are responsible, but both can be understood. If you look at Guillermo from the outside, he’s an emotional coach. So he pushed me out of emotion. If a similar situation happens again, they probably won’t do it again. It’s the same with Berisha.

— Can Bernard provoke you in training?

“He doesn’t do the same things there as he does in the game.” A good boy. Somehow it boggles the mind, but we have a lot of them in the championship,” Shelia said according to Sport24.

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Source : MatchTV

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