Former FIFA referee explained how referees will announce their decisions after using VAR during matches

Former FIFA referee Alexei Nikolaev says what exactly will be said by the referees who will have to announce the decisions taken after using the VAR system.

The Russian Football Union previously announced that it would participate in an experiment conducted by the International Football Federation (FIFA) and the International Association Football Union (IFAB). The referees of the Russian Championship and Cup matches will announce the decisions taken after the intervention of the VAR. The referees will be heard at the stadium and on television from the spring of the 2023/24 season. During the 19th round of the RPL, the judges did not have to explain their decisions once.

– Express your decisions so that they explain why and how, this will not happen. The decision, previously expressed by a gesture, will be announced to the entire stadium. Now you will say to the whole stadium: “A penalty has been awarded. » How the judges will reorganize themselves, you have to ask them. For some it might be stressful, but for the main referees it won’t be a problem. Let’s see, it’s an experience. To what extent will it catch on, will it be interesting to the public…

Post VAR calls during a match? It would be much more interesting for fans to know how the head referee communicates with the VAR center. It is difficult to say how realistic this is in our conditions,” Nikolaev said in the MATCH PRIME show “The Rules of the Game”.

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Source : MatchTV

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