Athletistic / Football. Well-known lawyer Igor Bushmanov responded to information about the cessation of payment of Spartak’s salary to striker Quincy Promes. The 32-year-old Dutchman has now pledged not to leave the United Arab Emirates.

“Of course, Spartak has the right to protect its financial interests in the current situation. Not transferring salaries to Promes, taking into account the long absence of training and matches due to the athlete’s fault, is l ‘one of the measures of such self-defense. ” Moreover, taking into account the sanctions provided for in the contract, in case of early termination due to the fault of the athlete, due to a flagrant violation of his work obligations . I’m talking about absenteeism”, Sport-Express quotes Bushmanov.

Quincy Promes was arrested by the UAE Border Services on February 29 at Dubai Airport and then sent to the police station. At the moment, there is no official information on the reasons for this detention. Information appeared in the media that the footballer was arrested in connection with an accident that occurred during the winter training camp in the United Arab Emirates, after which he fled the scene of the accident.

In the Netherlands, Promes was convicted of smuggling a large quantity of drugs and sentenced to six years in prison. Previously, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for an armed attack on his cousin.

On March 22, the Baza telegram channel published information that Spartak stopped paying Promes’ salaries in March. But the club has not yet started to terminate the contract with the footballer, despite his detention in the United Arab Emirates.