Gabigol is suspended for two years for fraud in an anti-doping test

Gabigol is suspended for two years for fraud in an anti-doping test

Gabigol, Flamengo striker, was suspended from football for two years due to fraud in an anti-doping test; understand the case

Gabigol is suspended from football for two years until further notice. The attacker of Flamengo received punishment for fraud in an anti-doping test. The trial that dealt with the case began last week and concluded on the afternoon of this Monday, 25th. The red-black player was tried by the Anti-Doping Sports Justicein a session that lasted a little over two hours.

According to ‘GE’, Gabriel’s suspension will come into effect in April. The player can appeal the court’s decision, but no movement of his staff has been confirmed so far. The judgment was not unanimous and, in a 5-4 decision, the attacker received a two-year punishment.

Gabigol violated article 122 of the Brazilian Anti-Doping Codeaccording to his indictment and trial, which refers to “fraud or attempted fraud in any part of the control process.” Interpreting the national code, the punishment can be increased to up to four years of suspension.

Flamengo’s number 10 was accused of making it difficult to take an anti-doping test. Thus, even though he took the test and the result was negative, Gabigol’s actions disrupted the testing process established by the Brazilian regulations, which already constitutes a violation of article 122.

Gabigol in action for Flamengo, in 2023 (Credit: Getty Images)

The complaint against the player was made at the end of December, with his defense sent this year, on January 26th, still within the deadline stipulated by the Court. In its version, Gabigol’s team sent a series of images of the Vulture’s Nestwho could collaborate with the attacker’s account of the case.

It is worth mentioning that the Gabigol test was carried out and there was no change in the result. However, the attacker delayed the examination process, disrespecting the collection team, irritation with the presence of an inspector when he went to urinate and delivering the collected pot with the lid open, which goes against the instructions previously given.

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