Without Neymar’s help: how Dani Alves got the million euros to get out of prison in Spain

Without Neymar’s help: how Dani Alves got the million euros to get out of prison in Spain

The Brazilian needed to raise this amount of money to pay his bail, which would allow him to be released. Additionally, he must comply with a series of requirements imposed by the Hispanic justice system.

Dani Alves was granted provisional release after being convicted of raping a woman in a nightclub. To get out of prison, the former Barcelona footballer had to pay one million euros. HASFurthermore, to prevent escapes, their Brazilian and Spanish passports were seized and Brazil was informed not to issue a new document. .

Other restrictions that will be imposed are not coming within 1,000 meters of the victim’s location or places they frequent. You won’t be able to contact her either. Finally, you will need to appear in court on Friday to complete a weekly signing.

Of course, what caught the most attention was how Neymar could deliver the million euros to leave Brians 2 prison.

Although at the beginning there was talk of possible support from Neymar’s father, such as this to give 150,000 euros in compensation to the victim, and this being considered as a mitigating circumstance in his conviction, he refused any help.

“As everyone knows, at the beginning I helped Dani Alves, without any connection to any trial. In this second moment, in a situation different from the previous one, in which the Spanish courts have already ruled in favor of the sentence, there is speculation and attempts are being made to associate my name and that of my son with a case that today Today no longer concerns us. . I hope Daniel finds all the answers he seeks with his own family. For us, for my family, it’s over “, announced the footballer’s father in a press release.

In the midst of all this, lawyer Montse Suárez explained how she could have paid her bail under the Espejo Público program. “It may be in cash, but they did not think about the mansion that this person owns and which is worth 5 million euros, because this law also allows, in the absence of money, to be able to present an act of ownership and power, therefore, to refute this provisional release “.

This house is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Barcelona. This was acquired in 2010 when Alves arrived as a reinforcement at the Barcelona club. The mansion has 655 square meters, of which 543 are habitable, with leisure and rest areas. with modernist decoration and the predominance of white and brown colors.

The master bedroom features a large closet with incredible details. In the kitchen, we can see a large space furnished with an island for serving meals. Also worth noting is a large garden with a swimming pool, a terrace, a large capacity garage and leisure areas where Dani shared her workouts via her Instagram account.

Despite the luxurious conditions of the house, Inés Guardiola, Alves’ lawyer, assured during the trial that the footballer was going through a “suffocated economic situation” due to the loss of sponsorship contracts, his departure from the Mexican club Pumas and embargoes in Brazil. .for a legal case linked to his ex-wife and his children’s pension.

For this reason, Alves would experience a lack of liquidity, which would force him to give up property as a means of payment.

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