Athletistic / Football. Former Lokomotiv Moscow and Benfica Lisbon defender Vasily Lystsov shared his opinion on youth development in Russia.

“Now Russian clubs have become more active in attracting young people, and these young people began to show themselves very well. And in Dynamo, Lokomotiv and Spartak they attract their students everywhere, and the guys show great football. Thanks at that, now we and the national team are decent. Now they don’t just defend and hit the ball through the defenders’ collar. It’s not just defense, physicality, wrestling. L The national team started to play more Technically, we have to keep the ball in different phases, make good transitions and show good football. Russia has very strong players and I am very happy that we have started to give them more opportunities. Many took advantage of them.

I enjoyed the national team’s match against Serbia. And Lyokha scored, and Anton (Miranchuk – Rating Athletistic). It was clear that the mutual understanding of the game had not disappeared among them. And when the brothers also have Golovin at hand, the result is absolutely magnificent: all these heels, all these combinations,” Lystsov said in “Championship”.

A friendly match between the national teams of Russia and Serbia took place on March 21 in Moscow at the VTB Arena stadium. The match ended with a crushing victory for the Russians with a score of 4:0. In this match, Anton and Alexey Miranchuk, Maxim Osipenko and Ivan Sergeev scored goals.