Santos receives an answer and decides on the return of Diego Pituca

Santos receives an answer and decides on the return of Diego Pituca

In recent days, Santos has been dreaming of the return of midfielder Diego Pituca, who is 29 years old and defends the colors of the Kashima Antlers

After cheering up backstage, the saints failed to complete the return of the steering wheel Diego Pitucawhich belongs to Kashima Antlersof Japan. After losing space in the Asian club’s squad, the player showed a desire to return to the Vila team, but the conversations did not have a happy ending for either side.

Through social networks, Diego Pituca’s manager gave details about what happened and said that the steering wheel will continue with the Kashima Antlers shirt. According to him, the Japanese club did not agree with the idea of ​​​​the player terminating his contract and returning to Santos for the sequence of the Brazilian football season.

(…) I met with the Kashima Antlers board to define the future of our client Diego Pituca and we came to the conclusion that, in this year 2022, the player will remain at Kashima Antlers, as the club has no way of terminating or lending one of the best players on the team at this moment when they are fighting for two national titles”, wrote the agent. Adalberto Almeida.

With the situation, Santos will not continue with the interest in the return of Diego Pituca, since the club does not have the money to invest in the purchase of the player. The hope was for the termination of the contract with the Kashima Antlers, but the talks did not go well and were ended between the parties involved.

Santos postponed the dream for the return of Diego Pituca (Credit: GettyImages)


Santos goes to the market and wants to bring options to Lisca. After the departures from Fabian Bustos and Edu DracenaPeixe began its reformulation with the arrival of Newton Drummond, and the new alvinegro manager has already pointed to which positions he wants to strengthen the squad. According to him, the priority at the moment is to bring in players who fit the coach’s concept.

Newton Drummond opened the game about Santos signings in this ball market during Lisca’s presentation conference. The manager revealed which positions Peixe is looking for in the market and guaranteed that the idea is to bring names that can be useful and that have the necessary characteristics with what the new coach of the club asks for.

We’re thinking about wing, winger, midfielder, midfielder… That’s more or less what is being speculated. If an opportunity arises in another position and it fits into Lisca’s football concept, we will do it. In principle, these conditions are“, highlighted the Santos leader.

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