UPL security protocol: players will be given a reservation from military service

UPL security protocol: players will be given a reservation from military service

If the duration of the air raid exceeds 60 minutes, then a decision may be made to stop the match

YouTube project KDK unveiled the main points security protocolaccording to which matches of the Ukrainian Premier League will be played in the new season.

1. The ministries of sports, defense and economy facilitate the booking of football players, club officials and managers, as well as employees of the UAF, UPL and PFL from military service.

2. Competitions are held at stadiums approved by the regional (or Kyiv city) military administrations.

3. Clubs must appoint a person responsible for safety during matches. These persons must inform the UAF and the UPL or PFL about the possibility of holding a match a week before the start.

4. Matches are played without spectators. No more than 280 people can be present at the stadium:

  • 90 – football players and coaching staff
  • 9 – referees and video assistants
  • 6 – ballboys (over 18 years old)
  • 20 – representatives of clubs
  • 11 – match officials
  • 15 – representatives of the UAF, UPL, PFL
  • 20 – stadium staff
  • 20 – persons responsible for security
  • 10 – doctors, police, State Emergency Service
  • 9 – representatives of military administrations and other authorities
  • 40 – journalists and photographers
  • 30 – film crew

5. Stadium managers must put protective structures in readiness to shelter the full complement of participants in the match. Such structures should be no more than 500 meters from the stadium. If there are no such buildings, a commission is created that looks for such places in the stadium building.

6. Everyone present at the match must be briefed on the rules of conduct and actions in case of danger.

7. The procedure for actions in case of an air raid must be approved by the clubs and stadium managers independently with representatives of the military administrations, the police, the State Emergency Service, the Security Service of Ukraine and the health authorities. It assumes the following:

  • The match delegate, together with a representative of the relevant military administration, decides on the evacuation of all those present at the stadium to shelter.
  • The stadium announcer announces “Attention! Air Alert! We ask everyone to follow the shelter!”
  • The referee immediately blows the whistle to stop the match.
  • If the duration of the air raid exceeds 60 minutes, the match delegate together with the referee (after consultation with the team representatives and the representative of the relevant military administration) may decide to stop the match.
  • The organizer of the competition decides on the place, date and time of the match.
  • If the match can be continued, the players are given up to 10 minutes to warm up.

8. Responsibility for compliance with safety requirements lies with the organizer of the match, that is, the host club. For failure to comply with these requirements, the club may impose sanctions under Art. 6 UAF Disciplinary Rules.

The start of the Ukrainian Championship 2022/23 is scheduled for August 23.

Source: Sportarena

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