Renan makes a request to justice after receiving threats at his door

Renan makes a request to justice after receiving threats at his door

After being arrested and released a short time later, Renan needed to alert Justice about the episodes and had his request granted.

After being released, the defender Renan had to move from the place where he was due to threats received. After being involved in an accident that ended with the death of a motorcyclist, the player contacted the Justice and asked to leave Bragança Paulistaas he was being threatened at the door of his house.

According to information released by the portal “Uol Esporte”, Renan was quite scared by the threats, which would have started when the player was in prison. Upon learning of the case, the defender’s lawyers made the request for change with the Justice and were answered. Thus, the athlete is no longer in Bragança Paulista.

[Renan] became aware, by family members, that in the last 24 (twenty-four) hours he has already received threats at the door of his residence, having concrete reasons to fear for his physical integrity and that of his family”, wrote the player’s lawyers. threatening comments and videos containing aggression against [ele]”.

After the request made by the lawyers, Renan was allowed to leave Bragança Paulista to get away from the threats received. It is worth noting that the defender had to inform the change because of the court decision, which prevented him from leaving the interior city and also from leaving the country until the trial was held.

Renan will not stay at Bragantino (Credit: Ari Ferreira / Red Bull Bragantino / Flickr)


On the afternoon of last Friday, 22, defender Renan was arrested by the Civil Police after participating in a tragic car accident, which ended with the death of a 38-year-old motorcyclist. With signs of drunkenness behind the wheel, the player of the Bragantino was arrested in the act and sent to the Piracaia jail.

Arrested after being involved in a car accident with death, Renan, from Bragantino, received provisional freedom from justice last Saturday, 23. The Massa Bruta player was accused of running over and killing a 38-year-old motorcyclist in Bragança Paulista, on Friday night, the 22nd. The defender had signs of drunkenness behind the wheel.

Source: sportbuzz

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