Lukyanchuk: We didn’t plan that in the game with Minai we would get an early removal

Defender of Obolon – about the match with Minai in the match of the 24th round of the UPL

Defender of the capital Obolon Pavel Lukyanchuk commented on the move duel with Minaiin which the Kyiv team failed to take three points.

— For your team this was one of the main matches of the season. For what reason did you not win?

— We didn’t have enough scoring chances. I came on as a substitute in the second half, and by that time we had turned the tide of this match. We had chances at the visitors’ goal, but were unable to use them.

– However, the first half of Obolon was not a success…

– Maybe. We didn’t plan on having a deletion. The opponent began to escalate the situation at our gate. And yet we came out into the second half charged. During the second half there was a penalty against us, then we equalized the score, we could have achieved victory, but we were a little short.

— Did you give up when your opponent took penalties twice?

– Yes, it’s hard to accept. We need to keep playing. Even from such difficult situations you can find a way out.

— What is the atmosphere in the Obolon locker room now?

– Not the worst. All the guys wanted to win. We are missing something.

– Pavel, however, everyone understands that Obolon needed victory like air?

– Yes it is. Seven more rounds ahead. You need to try to win as often as possible.

— The previous match in Rivne was a failure for Obolon, in terms of performance?

– I can’t say that. We lost, but we also had good moments.

— The last 15 minutes of the meeting, which took place in your team’s attacks, were the best for your team?

— It’s difficult to answer unequivocally. Even earlier we equalized the score and threw all our strength into the attack.

Source: Sportarena

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