Mudryk and Mikolenko will play from the first minutes in the Chelsea – Everton match

The match of the 33rd round of the Premier League will begin at 22:00

Starting lineups have been announced Chelsea And Everton for the match of the 33rd round English Premier League.

Representatives of the Ukrainian national team will play from the first minutes, Everton defender Vitaly Mykolenko and Chelsea winger Mikhail Mudrik.

This season, 23-year-old Mudrik played 33 matches for the London team, scored 6 goals and gave 2 assists. 24-year-old Mikolenko has 31 matches and 2 goals for the Toffees.

Chelsea are in 9th place in the Premier League. Everton are in 16th position. The home match for Mudrik’s team will begin at 22:00 Kyiv time.

Source: Sportarena

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