Kechinov expects Jikia to take part in Russian Cup match against Zenit

Former footballer “Spartacus” Valery Kechinov believes that the defender Gueorgui Djikia will participate in the FONBET Russian Cup match against “Zenith” .

The second leg of the semi-final of the RPL FONBET Russian Cup will take place in St. Petersburg on April 17, starting at 7:30 p.m. (Moscow time). The first meeting took place in Moscow on April 3 and ended with a victory for Zenit with a score of 2:1. On Sunday, Spartak announced the resignation of Guillermo Abascal from the post of head coach; Vladimir Sliskovich will prepare the team for the match against Zenit.

— As a rule, after a change of coach there is an emotional upheaval, although there is no need to particularly prepare for such a match. In St. Petersburg against Zenit, the atmosphere itself forces you to do so. Although it happens the other way around, there are also devastating defeats, for example, you remember Dmitry Gunko, who acted as leader after the departure of Valery Karpin, in the very first match, the Spartak received four… Therefore, there is such a situation here we have to rely only on the professionalism of football players, because they play, first of all, for Spartak, for the fans, for their name, their brand, their reputation. Players must have self-esteem.

— Do you expect fundamental changes in the composition? The appearance of the same Jikia?

“I don’t know what state Jikia is in now, but I’m sure Slishkovich will definitely turn to his candidacy now.” And we will see George in St. Petersburg. He is a captain, a leader, and this is the time when he must lead the team. Although it may not be in the best condition.

— Actually, Spartak has two steps towards the Cup: beat Zenit and you are in the final. And it’s a chance to win the trophy and save the season. Do you believe in such a development of events?

– I believe. Why not? I can’t say that Zenit is currently two heads stronger, they have their own problems. And if “Spartak” shows its best football, with pride, with crazy attitude, concentration, if Sobolev, Zinkovsky, the same Dzhikiya lead their partners, then anything can happen,” Kechinov said, as quoted by RB Sport.

This season, Jikia participated in 10 matches.

Watch the live broadcast of the Zenit – Spartak match on Wednesday from 19:00 (Moscow time) on the channel, and sites.

RB Sports

Source : MatchTV

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