Skripnik: If we show character like we do today, then I look to the future positively. Although it’s a shame that we didn’t win again

Metalist 1925 avoided defeat from Dnepr-1 in the last minutes

Head coach Metalist 1925 Victor Skripnik commented on the team’s game with Dneprom-1 (1:1) in the 24th round of the UPL. The Kharkiv team avoided defeat thanks to a set-piece goal in stoppage time.

“When you lose and snatch a draw in the last minute, it’s certainly positive to play against a team like Dnepr-1, which is aimed at European cups and medals. We look at ourselves, we must have character, which is what we showed today. In the first half it was very difficult, we played almost without the ball, and Gutsulyuk’s goal, it’s not for nothing that he plays in the national team, having strong individual qualities. But by and large there were few chances on both sides. There was character and standards, it’s a fifty-fifty chance, we had two good chances, one of which we converted.”

“At the moment it is not yet our level that we can beat Dnepr-1, but if we show character like today, then I look into the future positively. Although it’s a shame that we didn’t win again, we expect victory and must face it. Today we were not afraid and played football, combined, and did not just knock the ball out.”

“What did you say during the break? Nothing, Dnepr-1 has a trait, they score and calm down, it seems so to me. I said that we would wait for our chance if we played more aggressively, controlled the game more, played passing rather than hitting the ball. They set the team up for this and almost immediately could have equalized, but the goalkeeper saved them. We had a tough last game with Kolos, we also lost and managed to level the score. For us, a draw against Dnepr-1 is like a victory. But we are still upset that we have gone without victories for a long time. But with this attitude, it will be soon.”

“Yes, we are working on standards. It’s impossible to say that if I have the ball, I will definitely achieve victory. There are matches where everything is decided by set pieces. We must be prepared for anything, we analyze our opponents, look for their strengths and weaknesses, and adapt to them. Today the standard helped us, the combination we played with Kolos. When they do it with desire in training, it works in matches. Still work and work.”

Metalist 1925 with 18 points is in 15th, penultimate place in the UPL. The Kharkiv team have not won in 12 matches in a row. In the next round, Skrypnyk’s team will fight with Obolon.

Source: Sportarena

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