CBF admits “absurd errors” of refereeing in the season

CBF admits “absurd errors” of refereeing in the season

Director of the Arbitration Commission at CBF recognized the validity of criticism of failures, including those of VAR; agency promised a package of preventive measures

Wilson Senemechairman of the Arbitration Commission of the CBF, assumed the failures that occurred in the refereeing of the season in national games. The position was established this Tuesday, 26, in a presentation by the body aimed at presidents of clubs in the Brazilian first and second divisions. The director of the institution, Ednaldo Rodriguesendorsed the statements.

“I, as chairman of the arbitration commission, assume this and remind the arbitrators throughout the meeting that we are in the moment of division of waters, to provide the best service to you”, pointed out Seneme. Wilson, who also chaired the arbitration committee of the CONMEBOLhighlighted that the mistakes served to mark a new phase in the CBF.


“There were absurd mistakes, yes. Many occur. They are even unacceptable for you, for us and for football. At Conmebol, this period served as a watershed. This meeting of ours here I hope and aim to be a watershed for Brazilian arbitration as well”continued Seneme.

The manager added: “The mistakes that occurred in the first round, some are of interpretation, which, with the referees away or not, can occur. Others are unacceptable and have to serve as a watershed.”. The CBF highlighted that it will plan a package of measures that can avoid field failures, such as stipulating a 24-hour deadline for the dissemination of videos of Serie A matches; in Serie B, the time will be 48 hours.

Palmeiras vs São Paulo, a match that has been the subject of controversy related to refereeing (Credit: Paulo Pinto/São Paulo/Flickr)

In addition, 95 referees from the organization will receive guidance and training in three venues in Rio de Janeiro, between the 1st and 5th of August. From then on, face-to-face practice meetings will be held with the judges monthly. Among the controversies generated, the most striking was that of the classic palm trees x Sao Pauloat Brazil’s Cupwhen VAR checked and confirmed the penalty on Calleri, but did not check for a possible offside by shirt 9.

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