Alef Manga scores, Coritiba beats Cuiabá and leaves the Z-4 ​​of the Brasileirão

Alef Manga scores, Coritiba beats Cuiabá and leaves the Z-4 ​​of the Brasileirão

Playing at home, Coritiba entered the field quite under pressure to seek victory, but overcame the charges and secured the three points

On Monday night, the 25th, the coritiba entered the field to play in the 19th round of the Brasileirão and received the cuiabá, who also arrived for the match quite under pressure. With both teams at the bottom of the table, the game was very tense, but it ended with the triumph of Coxa Branca, who won 1-0 and left the relegation zone.


At the beginning of the first half, the home team already tightened the pace and almost opened the scoring. At six minutes, Alef Mango received pass from régis and finished for a great intervention from the side Igor Cariu. Already at 20, Cuiabá tried to give the answer after kicking Valdivia, but the midfielder missed the aim and isolated the submission. What is it, my son?!

Even with a stronger rhythm, Coritiba found it difficult to break the visiting club’s marking, but was successful in the final stretch of the first half. At 39 minutes, Igor Passion deviated from crossing Matheus Alexandre and left it cool for Alef Manga, who kicked hard and put it in the back of the net. 1 to 0. Interval!

In the second stage, Cuiabá returned with more offensive impetus from the locker room and began to create scoring chances. At four minutes, Igor Cariús tried to equalize, but kicked out. at nine, pepe received good pass from rodriguinho and finished. However, the ball went out without direction and did not lead to danger to the goal of Coxa Branca, who kept waiting for the counterattack.

Coritiba did well in the round (Credit: AssCom Dourado / Flickr)

With the advantage in the marker, Coritiba managed to hold the main actions of Dourado, who showed enormous difficulties to arrive with danger in the opposing area. In the 42nd minute, Igor Cariús kicked hard into the area, but no one appeared to complete it. At 43, Thonny Anderson was sent off after the second yellow card. 1-0. End of story! Thigh triumph!

Source: sportbuzz

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