Metalist 1925 defeated Niva from Buzovaya in a control match

Metalist 1925 defeated Niva from Buzovaya in a control match

Teams played 4 halves of 35 minutes

Metalist 1925 defeated Niva from Buzova, Kyiv region (3:0) in a control match.

The match was played in a modified format – 4 halves of 35 minutes. The Kharkiv team completely changed their line-up after the second 35-minute period.

It is noteworthy that it was the second squad that managed to print the gates of the team from the Kyiv region. The first half ended without goals scored, and then Dmitrenko, Tkachuk and a potential newcomer of the team scored.

Earlier, Metalist 1925 beat Sturm Ivankov and Kolos in sparring. Kharkiv team plans to hold 3 more control fights until August 2.

Last season, the Kharkiv club took tenth place in the Ukrainian Premier League. The start of the new season in the Premier League is scheduled for August 23.

  • test match

Metalworker 1925 – Niva Buzova 3:0

goals: Dmitrenko, 73, player on trial, 90, Tkachuk, 118

Metalworker 1925, 1st and 2nd halves: Sidorenko, Shershen, Bezugly, Kurylo, player on review, Martynyuk, Gabelok, Kravchenko, Rusin, Remenyuk, player on review

3rd and 4th halvesPeople: Kovalenko M., Zhichikov, Potimkov Yu., Tkachuk, Kovalenko I., Koval, player on trial, player on trial, player on trial, Dmitrenko, Zubkov

Source: Sportarena

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