“Fedotov is a good man” – Anton Zabolotny

“Fedotov is a good man” – Anton Zabolotny

Forward CSKA Anton Zabolotni tells how he experiences the transfer to the reserve and perceives the competition for a place at the start with Fedor Chalov.

On Saturday, CSKA beat Sochi (3-0) on home soil in the WORLD RPL second round game. Vladimir Fedotov’s team is currently at the top of the championship standings.

– How would you rate your game?

— When you enter the game in such a hot heat, it is difficult to predict how you will enter the game. If we managed to take the game to victory, it means that I did well.

– What can you say about the competition with Chalov? He seems to be stronger now.

– Well, if you think so… We have good competition. If Fedya is playing now, that doesn’t mean I won’t be playing in the future. He started the season well, but the main thing is what the team will look like in the long run.

Is it difficult for you to leave the bench?

— Any player wants to play in the first team. The current situation adds anger and sports motivation. Each player shows up in training, then the coach chooses who to take out from the first minutes.

– Many people thought that under Fedotov you would definitely play in the first team.

“Did someone give me a ticket?” A good coach doesn’t look at good relationships, a professional won’t hurt himself. If he has chosen such an arrangement now and it works, then the coach is right.

– Has Fedotov changed since you were together in Sochi?

– Not.

– Such a good guy?

– Moderately nice. Just man.

Source : MatchTV

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