With a great goal, Fluminense defeats Fortaleza in the Copa do Brasil

With a great goal, Fluminense defeats Fortaleza in the Copa do Brasil

In the first leg of the quarterfinals, Fluminense suffered a lot in the second stage, but took advantage of the good moment and opened up an advantage in the Copa do Brasil

On Thursday night, the 28th, the Fluminense stepped on the lawn to play the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil. Working away from home, the team from Rio de Janeiro visited the Strength and returned to show good collective performance on the field. With a great goal in a well-crafted move, Tricolor das Laranjeiras won by 1 to 0 and opened up an advantage in the confrontation.


From the beginning of the first half, the team from Rio dominated the actions in the attacking field, but it took a while to create dangerous plays. Just in the 26th minute, Fluminense scared and even swung the nets. After a beautiful heel strike, Goose left it good for nonatum leave his in the game. However, the VAR and the referee’s review pointed to a fault in the origin of the bid. Canceled!

Undaunted by the annulment of the goal, Fluminense returned to shine in the attacking field. At 34 minutes, Samuel Xavier crossed low and saw John Arias make the light trap inside the area to German Cano, who touched heel and found Nonato. With a safe finish, the midfielder opened the scoring and guaranteed the goal in the match. 1 to 0.

In the second stage, Fortaleza tried to print a stronger rhythm and started to put pressure on the visiting team. At seven minutes, Robson received a cross and amended it with a beautiful volley, which stopped at the crossbar. At 21 minutes, Lucas Crispin ventured from very far and hit the post. On the rebound, the attacking midfielder finished again and sent it out.

Fluminense did well in the first leg of the Copa do Brasil (Credit: MAILSON SANTANA / FLUMINENSE FC / Flickr)

With a totally different rhythm from the first stage, Fluminense found it difficult to reach the attack with danger. At 29 minutes, fabio needed to avoid the equalization of Leão do Pici. At 42 minutes, Silvio Romero rocked the nets and left everything the same. However, the VAR review pointed to an offside in the play. Canceled! Flo win! 1-0. End of story!

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