The new Monumental will have fewer galleries and will be grey: River Plate details the modernization of its stadium

The new Monumental will have fewer galleries and will be grey: River Plate details the modernization of its stadium

The Nunez complex is already being repaired. The work will be completed in 2024 and will make the legendary stadium in Buenos Aires the stadium with the largest capacity in South America.

The Monumental Stadium at River Plate undergoes major surgery. The room in which the Chilean Paulo Díaz plays and in which Marcelo Salas and Alexis Sánchez have shone, in addition to the proximity generated by the recent arrival of Pablo Solari, is undergoing the most profound remodeling in its history. The objective? Make it the biggest redoubt of capacity in South American football and, above all, adapt it to the current standards of the football industry.

The operation is over. Through the sale of the naming rights of the Colosseum located in the Núñez neighborhood the blood bands club raised some $20 million to complete the work . This figure represents half of the total cost. When completed, in mid-2024, the colosseum will be able to accommodate 81 thousand spectators .

Of course, the distribution will involve a change in the proportions. With the new design, there will be 57,722 stands and 23,278 popular, which means the possibility of generating higher income through ticket sales and subscriptions . “Thanks to this great initiative, in addition, proximity to the playing field and significant improvements in the visuals of the lower stands will be acquired”, promises the club, through its official platforms.

An interior view of the new design of the River Plate Monumental Stadium.
An interior view of the new design of the River Plate Monumental Stadium.

River has already made considerable improvements. For instance, It has the first and only playground with hybrid technology with ventilation and air conditioning systems in Argentina. . The environment will be favored by the injection of new capital: the Mâs Monumental (new identity of the place based on an alliance with a company) will offer new lower stands, 180 boxes, 926 reception places, 24-hour catering and 360° circulation in boxes, as well as three new levels parking lot and new River Institute, among other important innovations .

The work has created jobs. Performing the second step, for example, made it possible to employ 200 workers between Monday and Saturday . All sectors of aposentadurías have received touch-ups.

a gray future

One of the controversial decisions is the choice of color. The new Monument will no longer have the white background and the red bands that characterized it, alluding to the institutional colors: now it will be mostly gray . The determination is not fortuitous and obeys a technical criterion. “The choice of color is based on a brand strategy that seeks to convey modernity and space, achieving a cleaner design and visual style. The gray of the original concrete is recovered as the fundamental materiality of Mâs Monumenta l”, explains the club.

The gray color of the new seats will also allow significant savings in the medium and long term, since this color has a longer life in uncovered stadiums which are directly affected by UV rays. “, expands.

The club’s new branding manual incorporates gray in different shades as a complementary color to white, red and black, which represent River Plate . One of the shades of gray is taken as the basis for the total design of Mâs Monumental, following the trend of the most important stadiums in the world, such as Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, SoFi Stadium, Allegiant Stadium, the AT&T stadium and Areia Stadium da Baixada, among others”, he specifies, regarding the choice and insertion of the new color in the institutional identity.

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