For being late, leaving dishes on the table or not showering chalas: the long list of penalties imposed by Steven Gerrard on Aston Villa

For being late, leaving dishes on the table or not showering chalas: the long list of penalties imposed by Steven Gerrard on Aston Villa

The coach of the English club is committed to maintaining the discipline of his coaches at all times, for which he applies a strict code of conduct which, in the event of breach, involves heavy fines.

Steven Gerrard wants to bring Aston Villa back to their glory days in the Premier League. The new Birmingham team coach hopes to have the commitment of its leaders and achieve it imposed a series of regulations for the proper functioning of both technical work and coexistence within the club .

This was reflected after the English media published a list that the DT imposed on its players to maintain discipline which includes striking regulations.

One of the most curious is the payment of a fine of 60 dollars a day for not having brought a cake to celebrate the player’s birthday . It also highlights the payment of 120 dollars to get to the showers without occupying the chagas or 240 US dollars to leave gum anywhere .

In addition to these, there are those that refer to working directly with the coach, such as a $600 penalty for being late to a practice, arriving late at the practice field ($240 per minute ) and the strictest of all is being late for a meeting with the DT on game day, which reaches US$1,200 .

Steven Gerrard’s list of sanctions.

At the end of the list are added two other curious situations related to expulsions and the performance of each player in training.

In the event that a player receives the red card, he must bring the whole team to eat within four weeks of receiving the red card. .

In the second case, the worst player of the reduced matches, chosen after a vote of the winning team, will have to wear a shirt with a print that says “I was the worst in training” in the following week until the next reduced game. .

Steven Gerrard’s Sanctions List

  • 1. Being late to practice $600.
  • 2. Forget the $120 training GPS.
  • 3. Being late for training camp $240 a minute.
  • 4. Being late for a meeting, outing or with the coach on game day US$1,200.
  • 5. Being late for the bus US$240 per minute.
  • 6. Being late for a meeting $240 a minute.
  • 7. Incorrect clothing on game day USD 120 per item.
  • 8. Leave clothes on the training ground US$120 per item.
  • 9. Leave plates or glasses on the table US$120 per item.
  • 10. Illegal parking (inside or outside the training center) 120 US$.
  • 11. Being late for a commercial appearance $300.
  • 12. Forget your $60 a day birthday cake.
  • 13. Not wearing a shawl in the shower $120.
  • 14. Failure to report to doctor before 10:00 a.m. for new injuries or illnesses US$240.
  • 15. Arriving late at the physiotherapist 240 US$.
  • 16. Leave ‘snuns’ (gum) anywhere US$240.
  • 17. Forget $60 recovery stockings.
  • 18. Penalized for protesting US$240.

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