Calendars of chaos, the script is already written: too many degrees of judgment. Timeshare, dangerous turn: …

Calendars of chaos, the script is already written: too many degrees of judgment.  Timeshare, dangerous turn: …

Today’s editorial that inevitably starts with calendar chaos and delay that has been in the air for a while. The decisions made by TAR have disrupted Lega Pro’s plans and revived hopes in two squares that call for justice but at the same time have to ask their presidents a few questions. Nothing against Campobasso and Teramo, note: if the rules allow you to repeat constantly and for a month after 2-3 failures, it is right to defend your reasons, and if the judges confirm what the green box has set, it will be satisfaction for everyone. The thinking, however, is general: we believe that there are too many degrees of judgment and that the possibility of a repeat forever runs the risk of distorting the championships before they even begin. A judiciary with a maximum of one appeal, subject to conditions, would be enough to have a clear picture without having to break ratings, programs and – in this case – calendars from time to time. This is not fair to many football fans, it is not fair to those who smell of consolation, and as of July 29, they do not yet know if they will have to create a state for Serie D or for a third series. Absurd. The timeshare problem is also back in vogue, which in C is mostly about Mantua. Initially, Gravina, not on excellent terms with Lotito, was adamant about Salernitana, forbidding a wealthy entrepreneur like Marco Mezzaroma from staying in the world of football and investing his money in another club for proximity reasons, applying letter to letter. the now famous article 16 bis NOIF. “This is unconstitutional, I will defend myself in the appropriate places, because in Italy the criterion of free enterprise is still in force, and here I am forced to sell part of my property within the deadline set by the sports organization, which can do nothing against the laws of Italy. The State and the Constitution,” he thundered the day after accepting the trust, when he had to forfeit his shares and transfer them to two banks and a sole administrator, risking bankruptcy on January 1. Now we fix the partial reversal of President Gravina, which, with a multi-year extension, angers both the fans of Salernitana and, above all, those from Bari who fear that they will experience the long agony associated with swimming in the cadet. The usual Italian “decide not to decide.” It is pointless, inconsistent and contrary to the logic of football to allow the president to participate in B by placing a thousand bets if he then wins the championship in which he participates. Either he is given the opportunity to continue on his way, even with the observance of millions of investments, or he must immediately put an end to this. We are against this type of management and believe that in football without money, it is completely inappropriate to keep rich people out of the world of football, even if they qualify only because they have family ties with other colleagues. It is also an ethical-entrepreneurial discourse. Think again about the example of Salerno, where Lotito and Mezzaroma invested for 10 years, taking the club from D to A without being able to earn a single euro from TV rights, sponsorships, subscriptions and box office receipts. Something instead fell to Jerusalem, which, like an experienced entrepreneur, agreed to the deal, waited until the last minute and guaranteed itself a large area in A at reasonable prices and with the opportunity to even earn. Why should De Laurentiis Jr. – or Setty – set the table and let others eat at a disadvantage? I hope common sense will prevail. Also because it is useless to be stubborn with the B teams: only Juventus went down this path, the one who is at the helm must ask himself a question and give himself an answer.
Returning to the market, little has changed since last week. Convince Catanzaro, Vicenza, Reggiana and Cesena, even with the departure of Bortolussi towards Novara. In Avellino, however, there have long been fans who ask the coach in a frank confrontation to impose himself on the president and demand bribery. Dall’Oglio arrived, but the conclusion was made with people with suitcases ready and willing to leave, even more so after previous announcements at the company’s press conference. “I understand them, I know that they have faith, and they speak to me from the bottom of their hearts. But I train what I have, everyone should respect their role, ”the coach replied. Speaking of the coach, finally the “habemus papam” in Imola: Via Fontana i Antonioli, one who has not achieved exactly spectacular results in recent years. Betting even on the sports director, he takes the place of Martone, who in any case brought the boat to port and could give more guarantees to Carneades, who, for God’s sake, no one wants to fail ahead of time, but does not have thick palms on his side for the category. Miracles only happen once. We end with a reference to Palermo. In C, a beautiful tale was written about human values ​​and tenderness, about how Baldini returned to Rosanero 18 years after being released from first place in the standings and who, hugging his daughter, celebrated his success in the playoffs in the presence of theoretically more cited opponents. Today, he and sports director Castagnini are leaving, and football is losing people who have also been able to please the fans of other teams. We don’t know how it all came together, but those who followed the story must have wanted a happy ending.

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