Corinthians sets price to sell Wesley to European football

Desired by several European football clubs, Wesley sees Corinthians set the price to release him for a transfer; look

On the rise in Corinthians and desired by several European football clubs, Wesley saw Timão define the necessary price to be offered for a transfer to be agreed in the near future. The value is 25 million euros (R$139 million), still far from what has been signaled by teams that have recently made proposals.

In different countries Wesley has already been a source of desire in clubs that see his growth margin being high. O Brightonfrom England, a team that usually hires a lot of young people, signaled an offer of 8 million euros, while the West Hamfrom the same country, even demonstrated 18 million, which was also not pleasing.

In addition to them, Crystal Palace It is Madrid’s athletic They have also shown interest in the 19-year-old young man, who has increasingly stood out in the Corinthians professional team. In recent games he has shown himself to be of great importance with his dribbling and mid-range shots.

Despite this, the president of Timão, Augusto Melo, guarantees not to be in a rush to make money with the young promises of the youth teams. Since his campaign, he has guaranteed that this revenue will be reduced sharply, but even so, this season’s budget foresees the collection of R$47.9 million from player sales.

Wesley in action for Corinthians – Getty Images

With a contract until 2027, Wesley sees Corinthians owning 70% of his economic rights, while the other 30% belongs to the athlete himself. The termination fine for abroad is 100 million euros, but negotiations around these values ​​are ruled out.

Source: sportbuzz

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