The B side of the evening where Colo Colo cooled its option to continue in the Copa Libertadores

The albos controlled the flu, but fell to the Monumental. What appeared to be an exciting victory turned out to be a desperate defeat, forcing them to go in search of qualification for the round of 16 against Peru and Paraguay.

A well-known story in the Copa Libertadores. Colo Colo He is superior, he dominates, he creates opportunities, but he does not take advantage of them and falls into the Monumental before the hierarchy. Manoel’s goal and a bitter defeat silenced a packed Monumental. It was a change of feeling after the defeat against Fluminense, because They went from hope to disappointment as they complicated their aspirations in continental competition.

As has been the trend, The Macul campus experienced another disappointment when the path seemed clearer and when it was most needed . A victory would have put the ranking back on track, however, the fall forces the white team to add Lima and Asunción.

It was the Cacique’s last match at the Monumental in the group stage. Unlike the National Championship, It was possible to use the full capacity, which was noticed from the start. There was a great atmosphere, the packed stadium was a cauldron. An example of this was the people who were even on the stairs in the area called Oceano, while in the Magallanes sector Fluminense supporters were grouped together.

The departure excited the local supporters. The white fans started chanting with more intensity watching how Colo Colo put Fluminense in their goal. Fernando Diniz was unhappy with the pressure exerted by the Cacique and asked his students to move the lines forward. His notes seeking to correct mistakes were a constant throughout the match and especially during the first half.

Jorge Almirón, meanwhile, gesticulated throughout the first half while analyzing his team. The calm gradually changed and in half an hour he was already touching the boundary line of the field. The agitation increased due to the numerous missed opportunities by the Cacique. Zavala, Bolados and Pavez took turns making the audience lose their minds. More than one person must have imagined that this would end up weighing them down.

The beginning of the unrest

In the complement, impatience prevailed. Concern was present among each of the participants at the Monumental. Colo Colo continued to approach, but kept missing. There were blunders and boos every time the Flu started again. Each stoppage in play ended in wasted time, which was questioned by Alba supporters.

Amidst the local domination, Fluminense found themselves with the goal. Manoel’s detour silenced the Macul compound. It was the only chance of the match, demonstrating the hierarchy of the Brazilian team.

The blow is felt and the gallery changes its tone. What seemed like a party was no longer one . Silence began to appear, accompanied by the typical harangues with signs of impatience: “Come on, tint…, Pennsylvania“Go ahead”, for example, could be heard in the stands. Almirón’s concern increased, while Diniz began to ask how much time had passed since the 90′. His work was done.

final cupbearer

At the end of the duel, the supporters of the Cacique sang a traditional song: “Let’s see, let’s see if players can hear, through Albo’s shirt, kill or be killed “.

After Wilmar Roldán’s whistle, the biggest controversy took place. The Fluba players didn’t hide anything during the celebrations, which embarrassed Leandro Benegas. The attacker immediately reacted and went after Marquinhos, accusing him of making fun of him.

There are things that happen in football that I don’t share. These are things that we experience with adrenaline and when they cross to the other side, they make fun of them after a victory, I don’t share that. . These are things of the moment. Even his own partner realized that it was not the time to have this action with one of my partners. It’s only a matter of seconds before the birds fly away, as they say. When you feel carried away, it’s difficult to manage “Albo explained after the match.

A scrum quickly formed, but Maximiliano Falcón and Jorge Almirón moved forward and managed to separate it. On the other side, Marcelo did the same by taking the lead and asking his teammates to calm down. “Marcelo… what can I say about him. He is an honest player, who understands this game. He realized that his partner had made a mistake and tried to slow down his heart rate at that moment. “added Benegas.

The fight calmed down, but The general discontent, both due to the situation and the result, was already part of the supporters, who fired at the Fluminense team with projectiles. so they had to run towards the sleeve that leads to the tunnel that leads to the locker rooms.

Alba fans showed their displeasure and sent their players away in disappointment. It was a clear message to the players: “They earn millionaire salaries, play with their heart, respect the jersey, the history of the champion » was chanted by tens of thousands of fans arriving at the Macul. A closing which complicates the Cacique and his aspirations to qualify for the round of 16. A defeat that serves no purpose, since we must necessarily add to Lima and Asunción, in addition to hanging on to Fluminense, does not stumble .

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