Athletistic / Football. Former Spanish referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz believes that the Polish referees made a mistake at the end of the Champions League semi-final second leg between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich (2:1). Ultimately, they called offside too early in a controversial situation, preventing the Munich team from completing their attack. After the whistle, the German club sent the ball into the opposing net.

After the match, Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel called the referee’s actions a “disaster”.

Ancelotti’s son offered to release Joselu, who scored a brace in the Champions League match against Bayern.

“In this episode, a disaster happened that no one wanted. The whistle deprived the VAR of the opportunity to help. Something happened that should not have happened. The VAR did not failed to help.

The game must not be stopped by the linesman raising the flag, but by the referee’s whistle. But referees also make mistakes, just like football players,” Marca quoted Laos as saying.