Kabaev: We lost a lot of points out of the blue in the first part of the season

Dynamo lost to Shakhtar in the decisive match in the fight for the championship title

Winger Dynamo Vladislav Kabaev commented on the defeat in the match with Miner (0:1) in the 28th round Ukrainian Premier League.

“We perfectly understood who we would play against, and even a 10-point gap did not change anything. Before the break we made mistakes, this half was in the hands of the opponent. After the break, the situation was already behind us. We had to convert our chances.”

“The problem is that in the first part of the season we lost a lot of points out of the blue. Today it was very disappointing to lose, especially since it was my first time playing in such a championship match. We were not afraid of the opponent, we were well prepared for this match.”

“There were negative emotions in the locker room, no matter who said it. Each of us experiences this situation within ourselves.”

“Shakhtar always plays with the ball, and today Traore sat in defense and helped defend. In the second half we beat the opponent. Yes, in the end the score is on the scoreboard, but in such matches there are not many chances. I had a half-moment that I didn’t follow through with. There is something to work on, I am already 28 years old, but I am trying to develop at both 30 and 32 years old. Just like our team.”

“We want to become champions, this year it didn’t work out. I won’t evaluate the refereeing, it’s our own fault that we lost a lot of points in the first part of the championship.”

“I had one hit in the first half, but Riznyk played well. In the second half I was constantly looking for the best option, I wanted to trust him. Now it’s all about emotions, I’ll rewatch the match later. But really, why not hit? Any blow is an opportunity for a ricochet and something can fly into the air. It was these half-chances that played their role. In the first half, someone shot there and hit him in the arm, and they gave him a penalty for that. Perhaps if I had punched, the same thing would have happened. But what can we say after the game?

In the decisive battle for the championship, Dynamo lost to Shakhtar with a minimal score in Lviv thanks to a penalty for handball by Konstantin Vicharenko, which was converted by Georgy Sudakov. This success allowed the miners to break away from their main rival by 7 points and secure the championship title ahead of schedule.

Shovkovsky’s team has two matches left to play this season: at home with Krivbass and away with Rukh. The base day for the end of the championship is May 25.

Source: Sportarena

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