Kvasnitsa: Now Rukh has a chance to get to Europe, who knows what will happen in a year

Forward Rukha talks about the team’s prospects in the fight for European Cups

Roc forward Ilya Kvasnitsa appreciated his team’s performance in the away game match with Obolon and told how his partners feel about prospect of playing in European competitions.

— Why didn’t Rukh take three points?

– There are several reasons. One of them is the condition of the lawn at the Obolon Arena stadium. The field was dry. Yes, it was watered before the match, but after five minutes it became very dry.

— The first half was not successful for your team. Why?

— We went to the Obolon game. The ball flew back and forth.

— How can we explain the large number of mistakes made by Rukh football players?

“Maybe we were in a hurry.”

— Did the need to achieve victory weigh on Rukh?

– More likely. I’ll also note that our two leading defenders Didyk and Slyubik let the game play, and there was a new combination of players in the center of defense.

“However, in the second half, Rukh improved his game. Due to what?

– Something has changed for us. We woke up a little and began to show the football that is more typical of our team.

— Rukh created only one scoring chance when Pidgursky hit the post. But isn’t this enough to win?

– Agree.

— Could losing two points, both in Alexandria and today, affect the end of the season?

— Perhaps, but we will try to score our points.

— Ilya, before the end of the championship you only have home games with Chernomorets and Dynamo Kyiv…

— These will be very difficult matches.

— Do your partners want to get into European competitions?

— Everyone wants to play in Europe. We have a chance now. Who knows what will happen in a year, maybe there won’t be such an opportunity then. Many of my partners have already played in the Youth Champions League, Rukh beat Inter, then played with Milan.

Source: Sportarena

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