Sozin explained how the RPL is superior to most European leagues

Former member of the RFU ethics committee Andrei Sozin compared the RPL to the European Championships.

— Compared to European countries, we have a very exciting championship. More interesting. I’m not talking about the level of football now: we can say that it is slow and weak. But what intrigue! In most European championships, the champions are already known and the difference between first and third place can exceed 15 or even 20 points. What do we have? No one secured the championship; seven clubs are simultaneously fighting for their survival – it’s almost unique. It’s in the excitement department that Russia surpasses most European leagues.

All that’s left is to figure something out with the Cup and finally make it a knockout tournament – with no second chances. If you want to save a lot of matches, play two matches everywhere, but don’t give any more second chances to teams eliminated from the tournament,” Sozin said on “Championship”.

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Source : MatchTV

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