Athletistic/Football. Former Krasnodar midfielder Maxim Demenko expressed his opinion on Zenit’s playing crisis.

“Of course, Zenit is currently in crisis. It is clear that the team is not playing well. They control the ball and generally play well, but apparently there are problems in the interaction between the midfielders and the attackers arrive on the attack line, but the players don’t know what to do next. It’s a real crisis.

Of course, Malcolm is a talented footballer and at times he can take control of the game and score goals. But if you look at the team from five days ago, Zenit had no problems in attack. Something is not working right now. Cassierra hasn’t scored in a long time. So it’s clear that Zenit have problems.

We should not only talk about the defeat in the match against CSKA. The crisis can begin to be considered from the match against Baltika, when Zenit scored only one goal and could have conceded. Against Orenburg, the St. Petersburg team scored, but could also have conceded, and Orenburg even had the opportunity to win. Then there was a match with Rubin, who beat Zenit at his home stadium. And after that, the match against Dynamo in Moscow. Therefore, the team really had problems,” Demenko noted in a conversation with a correspondent of the “Championship”.

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