Athletistic/Football. Former Spartak footballer Evgeny Bushmanov expressed his attitude to the idea of ​​retaining Vladimir Slishkovich as the team’s head coach for the next season. Currently, Sliskovich acts as head coach of Spartak after the departure of Guillermo Abascal.

“The season is still ongoing. The team has two matches in the championship and Cup, so the Spartak management should not make decisions regarding Sliskovich now. We need to finish the season calmly, and then it will be time to make decisions decisions What does it mean “you cannot remove Sliskovich from” Spartak, even if they win the Cup? I think Spartak needs a coach with more experience and authority, given that Sliskovic didn’t work hard enough as head coach.

Yes, with the arrival of Sliskovich there have been changes in the team and Spartak is playing quite well. However, certain matches, like the one against Paris NN, leave a lot of questions. Spartak dominated this match, but there were strange line-ups and unclear substitutions. In addition to the results, many questions arise,” Bushmanov commented in an interview with a correspondent of the “Championship”.

  • Bushmanov: “I would not say that Spartak is lucky now – the team is playing to its strength”