Triestina, Malomo: “I was wrong, fortunately I corrected everything”

Captain of the Triestina Alessandro Malomo comments on reaching the first round of the national playoff stage: “I immediately got the feeling from their goal that it could have been a penalty, I just hoped it was offside, but when I saw that it took them so long to control I understood that it will be a penalty. In those moments I did what I had to do, a reset, and everything went well, since at the first useful opportunity I managed to set everything right, fortunately I managed to make amends for Triestina, but this was the first time in Rocco, Constantino had done this celebration a few seasons ago so I was inspired by him, I heard it at the end of the match and he was a little jealous of the fact that I copied it from him. It was the longest shot of my career. It was worth it, it was really exciting, I’ve never scored against Rocco and it was a fantastic emotion, especially after the penalty.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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