Athletistic/Football. Former Zenit St. Petersburg striker Alexander Kerzhakov shared his opinion on the blue-white-blue’s problems.

“Regarding the situation at Zenit, I can only judge by what I see on the pitch during matches. There is a clear lack of passion and perseverance. Maybe I’m forgetting that a bit. But playing with such an attitude on the field is extremely difficult, especially when it is not always possible to reach your potential. Passion and confidence must be important elements. Zenit seems to show more of a certain self-confidence, but without the necessary passion. I can’t say exactly what this is connected with,” Kerzhakov noted in an interview with a correspondent of “Championship”.

Remember that Dynamo Moscow is currently leading the Russian championship. Marcel Lička’s team is two points ahead of Zenit.

  • Kerzhakov completed an internship in Italian Serie A