Remenak, Badibanga, Boychuk and the heroes of “Klasichny”: the entire team of the 28th round of the Premier League

Sport Arena names the symbolic team of the next UPL round of the 2023/24 season, as well as the best in individual nominations, which are determined by our website for each round

On the website – teams of all rounds of the Ukrainian Premier League 2023/24. Who made it into the top 11 this time and won in individual categories?

INRatar – Vadim Yushchishin (Veres)

This is an excellent goalkeeping round: Ledviy from Rukh, Riznyk from Shakhtar and Kemkin from Minai made a number of saves. But our biggest impression is the recent reservist Veresa Yushchyshyn, who triumphantly returned after a serious injury. Vadim is playing because Past was injured and Kogut made several mistakes in a row. In the match with Zarya, the ambitious backup pulled off three dangerous blows from Guerrero alone, also helped out after Antyukh’s hit and did not fail in the fight against the textured Ndur.

EtcFirst defender – Ilya Putrya (Chernomorets)

The right flank of Odessa completely outplayed its opponents. Needless to say, fullback Chernomorets Putrya himself could score twice – both to open the scoring and to close it (this speaks to the tirelessness of the flanker, who ran back tirelessly throughout the match). Ilya was very convincing both in playing in space and one-on-one. Participated in sharp attacks, in particular, in the second productive one. He interacted well with Badibanga, Boychuk and Shtogrin.

TseCentral defender – Sergei Chobotenko (Polesie)

The Zhytomyr team finished their difficult trip to Krivoy Rog to the bronze medal winner without conceding any goals. This is a serious reward for the Chobotenko-Shabanov duet. These two reliably blocked Sosa, playing well on flank serves and crosses, as well as set pieces. Of course, we take into account the factor of air raid pauses (usually it plays into the hands of those who are satisfied with the current score – it was Krivbass who was forced to flee and open up), however, we cannot detract from the diligence and success of the defense of Polesie.

Tsecentral defender – Nikolay Matvienko (Shakhtar)

The usual accuracy in passes, well-coordinated activity with Bondar, overall success in defensive indicators – combat, work with and without the ball. I wasn’t nervous, even playing “on the cards” for 2/3 of the match. This is all about Matvienko, who in such significant matches becomes a big trump card for Shakhtar’s defense. Nikolay also joined in the attacks and shot at Dynamo’s goal. In short, he made a big contribution to the victory in the Classic, which ensured the Pitmen retained their title ahead of schedule.

LeFirst defender – Vladislav Vakula (FC Minaj)

The interesting tactical scheme of the Transcarpathians under Lyubenovich gave a special role to Vakula – like Dmitruk on the opposite flank, he is rethinking the role of a fullback, actively participating both in attacks and at the first line of selection. In Poltava, Vladislav gave battle to the well-coordinated duo of Kane and Krupsky, and also distinguished himself in the opposing half of the field. Vakula himself could have scored, but instead made a brilliant pass to Remenyak, who, in the fight with Pavlyuk, contributed to the Vorsklyan’s own goal.

Tsecentral midfielder – Vyacheslav Tankovsky (Polesie)

Zhytomyr played against Krivbass in an extremely difficult personnel situation. In fact, the leaders’ task was to give their all and hold out the match, because Polesie had practically no quality replacements (well, at least for positions such as center field). In this regard, we pay tribute to Tankovsky’s dedicated work and do not forget about the winning goal (see the “Tour Goal” nomination). It seems that it is in this club that Vyacheslav plays most purposefully and effectively, although he was previously considered a low-scoring player.

EtcFirst midfielder – Zigi Badibanga (Chernomorets)

The reactive Badibanga caused a lot of difficulties for the Metalist 1925 defense; they frankly couldn’t keep up with him. Zigi could score himself, but excelled more as an assistant. It was with his assist that Boychuk put an end to the match, and he also took part in the initial stage of the first scoring attack (he connected Shtogrin, after whose cross Vasiliev ended up in the shooting position – he scored on the second attempt, spoiling his teammate’s assist). It is not surprising that the Belgian Congolese also won the “Best Foreign Player of the Tour” nomination.

Atoffensive midfielder – Georgiy Sudakov (Shakhtar)

Sudakov played in “Klasichny” as the most sought-after UPL player in Europe, but even if we study his game through such a “magnifying glass”, we will be convinced of his high class. Georgy was active from the first minutes, took aim at the opponent’s goal from the game, and fulfilled many standards. He converted the penalty earned by Sican, this goal in a pragmatic and result-oriented match became the winning one.

Lefirst midfielder – Denis Shostak (FC Alexandria)

Shostak got a chance to prove himself and scored the winning goal against Dnepr-1, reacting to Bezerra’s discount. In addition, Volynets scored another shot on goal and interacted well with his teammates. This was a fundamental victory for Rotan and important for the development of FC Alexandria, which, by the way, actually secured bronze medals ahead of schedule for Krivbass.

Onfalling – Artur Remenyak (FC Minaj)

The top match was played by Remenyak in Poltava. He completely outplayed his opponents and hit the Vorskla goal five times. It was with Artur’s goal after a pass from Dmitruk that Minaya’s sensational comeback began. Then he scored the second goal from a pass from Vakula (this is how, in our opinion, after watching the video multiple times, Remenyak was the last to touch the ball, and not poor Pavlyuk), and also earned a penalty for the winning goal.

Onfalling – Bogdan Boychuk (Chernomorets)

With all the personnel problems of modern Chernomorets, the coaching staff cannot be denied ingenuity, and the team cannot be denied strong-willed qualities and healthy creativity. For example, winger Boychuk covered the center forward position – he exchanged zones very well with Shtogrin and Badibanga, gave an assist with his heel to Andrey and scored himself from Zigi’s pass. That is, out of three effective combinations, Bogdan took part in two.

UPL 28th round team. Sport Arena illustration
Photos of the tour

One goal decided the fate of “Klasichny” – Sudakov performed it with stoic calm / photo

Tour coach – Sergey Shishchenko (Polesie)

Before the extremely important trip to Krivoy Rog, the Zhytomyr team was forced to play without a number of key players – Budkovsky, Kozak, Kravets, Kravchenko, Krushinsky, Makuana, Smolyakov, Taylor. The Polesie coaching staff had to show miracles of ingenuity – wingers on the defensive flanks, a newcomer from the Second League in attack, only two replacements made, the reserves were almost exclusively veterans or youngsters, the bench was not full. However, the Zhytomyr team took the lead on the first day of the confrontation, and then numerous air raid pauses slowed down the pace even more for those who were trying to win back.

  • Analysis from the All-Ukrainian Association of Football Coaches – Here.

Joker of the tour – Vladislav Naumets (LNZ Cherkassy)

Just six minutes on the field was enough for Khoblenko to play along with Einel for LNZ’s third goal in Kovalevka. Alexey found Soares in time, putting an end to the difficult departure of the Cherkassy club. And how Naumets came on as a substitute! Just a minute after the substitution, Stasiuka scored the second – actually winning – goal from LNZ. Seventh place is a great result for Dulub’s players, who, let us remind you, are spending their debut season in the UPL and secured registration at this level ahead of schedule.

  • Sport Arena statistics: 25 league matches, 5 goals, 1 assist.

Best young player of the tour – Alexander Kemkin (FC Minaj)

With four saves, Kemkin missed twice – although his team won, according to statistics it seemed to be a “gray”, ordinary match. But if you know that Alexander parried two penalties from Felipe in stoppage time of the second half, you understand how important the 21-year-old goalkeeper played in the victory of the Transcarpathians. Somebody, Kemkin, has a lot of goalkeeping practice.

  • statistics: 12 matches in the championship, 18 goals conceded, 2 clean sheets.

Best foreign player of the tour – Zigi Badibanga (Chernomorets)

The flanks of Odessa worked just exemplarily – all three goals in the match with Metalist 1925 “came” from the edges. Badibanga, together with Putra, made a significant contribution to this success. Zigi assisted for the third goal, and also took part in a number of sharp attacks with real aggravation at the Kharkov goal. One can only be carried away by the tirelessness of the 32-year-old winger – and also regret that Bang did not arrive in our championship earlier, in his prime years.

  • Sport Arena statistics: 19 league matches, 8 goals, 3 assists.

Best goal of the tour – Vyacheslav Tankovsky (Polesie → Krivbass)

No comments here: Tankovsky picked up the ball, took aim and made a beauty. Important beauty, forgive me: this victory is like a breath of air for the Zhytomyr residents in their dream of European Cups and a cool future for the club.

Hero of the tour – Artur Remenyak (FC Minaj)

He scored himself, fought with his opponent, who eventually turned the ball into his own goal and earned a penalty – Remenak’s big match, probably his best during his time in the Premier League.

  • Sport Arena statistics: 17 league matches, 4 goals, 1 assist.

Source: Sportarena

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