Top and failure of Vicenza-Taranto

Top and failure of Vicenza-Taranto

Vicenza passes and passes, playing to contain, but not neglecting some important moments to win the match. A draw that means qualification for Vecchi’s team, which played a solid and concentrated match against Taranto, which was of course very generous, but too sterile at the attacking level. There were only two real scoring opportunities for the Ionian team in the entire match. Too short to try to score two goals. Thus ends the journey and the season of Taranto. Vicenza continues to play and will try to reach the playoffs. In the first half, the match was immediately interrupted by smoke bombs thrown by both fans, delaying the resumption of the match by eight minutes after the first minute, which began regularly. When the match restarted, Vicenza seemed to be more in possession than a rather tense Taranto. And it is the Venetians who create two fairly obvious scoring opportunities for passing. The first insidious conclusion is made by Della Morte, who, after running a few meters, approaches the center and delivers a shot that ends up wide of the goal. Ferrari then takes the lead with a volley assisted by De Col and hits the post to Vannucchi’s left. The two hoops deter Taranto, who has some difficulty making his offensive play. Vicenza controls the tempo of the match with a certain ease, but towards the end of the half the Apulians try to shift their center of gravity, and all this provides a golden opportunity for De Marchi, who, served by Orlando, finds himself face to face with Confente, who, however, has been hypnotized by the Vicenza goalkeeper. whose shot was blocked with great skill by the Vicenza goalkeeper himself. In the second half, Capuano chooses Simeri, Matera and Kanoute to enter the field. The Rossoblu team seem to be in a different mood compared to the first half and are close to a goal thanks to Simeri, who tries to make a good move after Zonta’s pass, but his output ends up wide of the goal. In the following minutes, Taranto rotated the ball a lot, but was unable to create any real danger in front of Confente’s goal. Indeed, on two occasions it was Vicenza, despite acting as a clear throw-in, who caused tremors in the Ionian rearguard: first Della Morte with a shot into the box blocked by Matera, and then Golemich, who headed a corner from Pellegrini and failed to save him at the gate. Taranto tries his best to push forward until stoppage time, but Vicenza controls the Puglian team’s fruitless attacks quite easily. It thus ends in a goalless draw, which smiles at Vicenza, who advances to the next round, and causes regret and displeasure for Taranto, who thus sees that their dream of continuing to play in the playoffs has come to an end. For Taranto this remains a very positive season, for Vicenza they are now awaiting the name of their opponent in the second national round tomorrow. Now the peaks and valleys of the game

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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