Mozille: Moura is a great guy, a good football player

Mozille: Moura is a great guy, a good football player

Metalist 1925 goalkeeper – about the match with Polesie in the 29th round of the UPL

Goalkeeper Metalist 1925 Oleg Mozil commented result crazy match of the 29th round against Polesie (3:3), in which the Kharkov club avoided defeat in the time compensated by the referee.

— Oleg, what emotions do you and your partners have immediately after the final whistle?

– Now we have one emotion – we still have a chance to continue the fight in the UPL. We have the opportunity to remain in the Premier League. We will prepare for the next home game with Veres.

— You started the match against Polesie well and scored a goal in the second minute of the match. What went wrong then?

— Yes, we quickly opened the scoring, but then we started making individual mistakes. I made a mistake in the second goal of the visitors. Polesie took advantage of our mistakes in the first half. With the score 1:3 it was already very difficult psychologically.

– You made 5-7 crazy saves today…

– I don’t know how many saves I made, I need to review everything on video. I had a lot of work. We were often cut off on defense, and our opponent launched quick counterattacks. It was very difficult. Often Polesie players ran five against our two central defenders. Our full-backs ran forward all the time. Therefore, everyone saw that the guests often created scoring chances near our goal.

— What were your thoughts 5-10 minutes before the end of the meeting?

“I just wanted us to score the second goal first.” And there everything could have turned out differently. We might be lucky too. So, everything worked out.

— Tell us about your savior, Brazilian Ari Moura?

– Cool guy, good football player. I can only say positive things about him.

— Oleg, in the final round everything will be decided in your home game with Veres. Match of the year for your team?

– Yes. We need a victory, but we also depend on Krivbass, we need his victory over Minai.

– It’s real?

– Everything is real. We must fight until the last minute and try to stay in the Premier League.

Source: Sportarena

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