Zyryanov admitted that he had not drunk alcohol for nine years

Zyryanov admitted that he had not drunk alcohol for nine years

Former footballer of St. Petersburg Zenit and the Russian national team Konstantin Zyryanov spoke about his physical form after the end of his professional career, noting that he has not drunk alcohol for nine years.

— You are 46 years old. But in 10 years, you haven’t changed at all. Giving advice to all men aged 40 and over: how to stay in shape?

— A wonderful person wrote in the comments: “Zyryanov was 46 years old at 25, and at 46 he is the same age. Hasn’t changed at all. But seriously, I think it’s all about genetics. I don’t specifically watch my weight. Although in recent years this has increased. During my playing career I weighed 72 kg, and now I weigh 79. But this is not visible visually.

Of course, when I start to gain too much weight, I do more physical activity, like running for example. I also go to the gym sometimes – my wife gave me a membership. But I won’t say I do this all the time, sometimes I give up on it and get lazy. There is nothing to prepare. There is no incentive.

— Do you watch your diet?

– Absolutely not. Even though this is the time when I eat a lot of ice cream. I can’t explain why. I really like it. I try to stop, but I don’t always succeed.

– Alcohol?

“I haven’t used it, even in small quantities, for nine years,” Zyryanov said, as quoted by Championship.

From 2007 to 2017, Zyryanov played for Zenit. As part of the Bleus-Blancs-Bleus, the midfielder became the champion of Russia three times, won the country’s Cup and Super Cup, as well as the UEFA Cup. From 2022 to 2023, Zyryanov led Novorossiysk Chernomorets.


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Source : MatchTV

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