Athletistic/Football. Former Dynamo head coach Sergei Silkin criticized the level of foreign players in the RPL.

“Look at many foreign players in the RPL. Why do we need these strangers sitting on the bench? They say that we need foreign players to raise the level of our championship, but for that, they must play in the first team and play better than ours. But what good is a stranger who doesn’t hit the mark? I mean Kadi from Krasnodar. Even the coach says it’s the fourth time he’s missed the target. So why is this necessary? If he doesn’t hit the empty goal, then even if there is a goalkeeper, he won’t hit it! It seems to me that the times when footballers were brought to Russia outside the sports fields have already passed. Now they bring us foreigners who are not the freshest,” Legalbet quotes Silkin.

This season, 28-year-old Kadi has made 32 appearances for Krasnodar in all competitions, scoring 4 goals and providing 3 assists.

In 2024, the Brazilian became the worst attacking finisher in the RPL, failing to score a single goal after 20 shots, with an expected xG of 2.4.