Athletistic / Football. Former Russian national team midfielder Andrei Kanchelskis has criticized former CSKA midfielder Pontus Wernbloom. Previously, the Swedish footballer apologized for the period he played for CSKA.

Wernbloom pointed out that when he signed the contract with the military team, the political situation was different. At the same time, the Swede said he apologized if his actions offended anyone.

CSKA veteran Ponomarev rudely called Wernbloom, who apologized for the period spent in Russia

“We generally don’t know what is happening in the world today. People are hypocrites, nothing is sacred to them. He is a scoundrel, a hypocrite. Whatever they say to him, he barks.

Pontus is a controlled pawn. Let him apologize for even starting to play football. Why doesn’t he say that? He is a scoundrel, nothing is sacred to him, I have no words about him,” Kanchelskis quotes RB Sport.