Athletistic / Football. Former midfielder of the Russian national team Vladislav Radimov shared his opinion on the appearance of Spartak defender Georgy Dzhikiya in the starting lineup of the 29th round of the RPL match against Rubin (3:1). The team captain took the field after learning he would be leaving the team at the end of the season.

Radimov noted the correct actions of the Red-White leadership.

“I think Dzhikia will continue to play. I can’t say where the match was mainly dedicated to Dzhikia. I myself was in such a story, I also said goodbye to the Petrovsky stadium.

CSKA veteran Ponomarev rudely called Wernbloom, who apologized for the period spent in Russia

And this is the second stage of leadership, for which we must give praise: bravo for that. And they let him play almost the entire game. In this regard, I think that the Spartak leadership has begun to understand what football is. I think that if the Spartak leadership does not make mistakes again, then next year Spartak can become a formidable force,” Radimov is quoted in RB Sport.