Athletistic/Football. Russian commentator Konstantin Genich has named the ideal club for defender Georgy Dzhikia following his departure from Spartak. Remember that the player will leave the Moscow club at the end of this season.

“If you think about where he could end up, then, in my opinion, the ideal option for Dzhikia is Rubin. It would fit like a glove. Vuyachic with his leadership qualities, Dzhikia and, perhaps, Teslenko or Gritsaenko as the third central defender – that would be simply ideal. Given the three central defender formation, it would only be a song. On the left you can put a runner like Rozhkov or Bezrukov so that he has time to come back. But these are just my thoughts.

Rubin has excellent infrastructure, good conditions, a beautiful city, ambitious goals and finances. The team needs a central defender as Martynovic is retiring. Kazan would be a great option for Georgy,” Genich noted in the championship podcast “Premier League of Injustice”.

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