Athletistic / Football. Former CSKA sports director Anton Evmenov commented on the resounding interview with the team’s former midfielder Pontus Wernbloom. Previously, he apologized to the Swedish people for the time he spent at CSKA.

At the same time, Wernbloom also spoke about the poor living conditions in Russia.

CSKA veteran Ponomarev rudely called Wernbloom, who apologized for the period spent in Russia

“He always smiled with all 32 teeth and was happy during the whole period he was at CSKA, I don’t think Wernbloom was unhappy about anything. He played in the Russian champion club, he participated and scored in the Champions League, he was an idol and a leader, and in some matches, a captain.

I think now it’s either a passing madness, or a kind of satire, Swedish humor, which we will understand after a while. I don’t even see the point in being angry and offended with him, because the interview is between nonsense and a fairy tale,” the official quotes “Sport Day by Day”.

The Swedish footballer played for CSKA from 2012 to 2018.