Poltava midfielder Dmitry Shcherbak became the top scorer of the First League of the 2023/2024 season

Three players scored 14 goals at once

Midfielder of Poltava Dmitry Shcherbak became top scorer of the First League season 2023/2024. The forward has 14 goals and according to additional indicators he was ahead of Andriy Khoma from Prykarpattya and Vasyl Palahnyuk from Bukovynawho also finished the championship with 14 goals scored.

According to the PFL Regulations, “The top scorer of the championship is determined by the largest number of goals scored in all matches of the relevant league, including playoff matches. In the event of a tie in goals scored, the top scorer is determined sequentially by the following indicators: a) by the least number of matches played; b) by the smallest number of goals scored from penalty kicks; c) by the least number of minutes spent in games.”

Khoma played 27 matches in the 2023/2024 championship, Palagnyuk and Shcherbak played 26 matches each. At the same time, the latter scored four goals from the penalty spot, while the Bukovyna forward scored five goals from the spot.

All three players will be awarded the championship’s top scorer prize.

Top scorers of the First League season 2023/2024
Player Team Goals Matches Penalty
Dmitry Shcherbak Poltava 14 26 4
Vasily Palagnyuk Bukovina 14 26 5
Andrey Khoma Prykarpattya 14 27 0

Source: Sportarena

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