Rotan: After the tournament in France, we will decide on the composition for the 2024 Olympic Games

The Ukrainian Olympic team will play against Indonesia at the competition in Toulon

Head coach Olympic team of Ukraine Ruslan Rotan commented on the upcoming international friendly tournament in France Tournoi Maurice Revello.

“First of all, this tournament is very important for our country. Now there is a war in Ukraine and everyone understands that winning matches at such competitions improves the image of our state. Therefore, first of all, we must fight for the country, for our soldiers, because it is much more difficult for them there. It is necessary that Ukraine be heard all over the world, and for this we must stand, so to speak, on this front.”

“From a football perspective, the tournament is important, because today we still don’t understand which players will go to the Olympic Games, who will be released and who will not. This will become known after the competition in France. Then we will announce the final composition of the Olympic tournament. There will be more debates, but I would really like our Olympic team to be represented by the strongest lineup.”

“In addition, the experience of playing at the tournament in Marseille with representatives from other continents will be important to us. After all, we will meet them at the Olympic Games. With Asian, African and American football.”

“Now I want to pay more attention to my game and work more on ideas. As for information about the nearest opponent, we provided it to the players. As far as I know, the Indonesian national team is a young, newly created team that has played only a few matches with this composition. The fact is that their main Olympic team did not qualify for the tournament, losing in the transition matches. So, first of all, we will look at our game, at our understanding and structure.”

“We had a conversation with Sergei Rebrov, because Sikan and Yarmolyuk are on our list. They are also on the national team’s reserve list and may be called up there.”

“In our camp there are now 26 players who will have to play matches in three days on the fourth. We took this into account and therefore do not plan heavy loads during training. Each of the players has a difficult season behind them, somewhere there is fatigue, both physical and mental. But I want to emphasize that we are preparing for the Olympic Games. There will still be time to rest a little after the tournament in France.”

The youth team tournament will take place from June 4 to June 16. Rotan’s team will play in the group stage with peers from Indonesia (June 4), Italy, Panama and Japan.

Let us remind you that in the summer of 2024 Ukraine will take part in the Olympic football tournament for the first time. Ruslan Rotan’s team won a ticket to Paris last year, reaching the semi-finals of the European Youth Championship.

The Ukrainian national team will play at the 2024 Olympics with Argentina, Morocco and Iraq. In the first round, Rotan’s team will meet the Asian team on July 24.

Source: Sportarena

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