Pacifici (AIA President): “The difficult and demanding championship is over, the judges are positive”

Carlo Pasicichi (President of the AIA) spoke from Aula Magna in Coverciano at the press conference following the season: “We have reached the final moment of a difficult and demanding championship, let me say with positive results: many young people have emerged, an important generational change has taken place in our association, thanks in part to the work of Rocky and the commission. We are healthy and have 33 thousand members, up from 29 thousand since the pandemic. Of these, more than 2 thousand are women: for the first time in Serie A we had an all-female team, but for us women have always been central. We have 1,500 international members, representing 114 different countries, a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural part that breaks down internal barriers. As of May 31, we have appointed 500 thousand judges, 94 thousand assistants, 116 thousand observers. The figure that needs to be improved is that with dual membership: out of 33 thousand members, only 845 also fulfill the role of footballers. The percentage is low and this is a step that we will have to take: in other European countries this figure is higher, there is more interaction between referees and clubs. Let me open a parenthesis on the scourge of violence: as of May 31, we have identified 519 cases, fortunately, the tightening of sanctions against violent criminals has worked because serious violence has decreased, as have forecast days. To give you an idea, most of the actions were done by players, followed by managers, including coaches, and the rest by strangers. This means that the problem must be solved internally, perhaps culturally. We must explain the role of the referee: not a stranger or an enemy, but the twenty-third player on the field.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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