Rudiger bought a watch 30 times more expensive than the Champions League Cup

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The German defender of the Madrid club has a unique and rare accessory in his collection.

Real Madrid defender Antonio Rudiger has a unique watch in his collection. The Real Madrid defender flashed the accessory while celebrating their Champions League victory.

The footballer held the trophy in his right hand and wore a £1.4 million watch on his left wrist.

David Alaba and Antonio Rudiger holding the Champions League trophy

What makes this watch valuable is its rarity. Patek Philippe made them in collaboration with Tiffany&Co, and only 170 examples are on the market.

The watch that Antonio Rüdiger bought for himself

Moreover, the watch initially cost 45 thousand pounds, but due to its rarity, the cost increased.

Patek Philippe watches are made in collaboration with Tiffany&Co

Note that the official value of the Champions League trophy, which Rudiger is holding in the photographs, is only around 43,000 pounds.

There are only 170 watches like the Rüdiger in the world

We remind you that earlier it was known that the signing of Kylian Mbappe cost Real a crazy amount.

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Source: korrespondent

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