Athletistic / Football. Former CSKA coach Valery Gazzaev spoke about the dismissal of Vladimir Fedotov from the post of head coach of the military team. Earlier, the Moscow club announced the departure of Fedotov.

Serbian Marko Nikolic became the team’s new head coach. He signed a two-year contract with the club.

Nikolic commented on signing a contract with CSKA

Gazzaev believes that the CSKA management did not provide adequate support to Fedotov when he worked in the team.

“Of course, Fedotov’s resignation surprised me. He worked well and showed results in his first year at CSKA, he became a silver medalist in the RPL and won the Russian Cup. Yes, he is now in sixth place But this year CSKA could I do not count on the championship Fedotov had a three-year contract – so we had to let him finalize and then make a decision.

Yes, the CSKA leadership must set the most ambitious goals, but at the same time help the coach achieve them. I always had one goal: the championship. And the team was strengthened by virtue of this so that no position sank, ”quotes Gazzaev in the Championship.