Textor publishes alleged proof of manipulation in Botafogo x Palmeiras

After Leila Pereira’s testimony at the CPI, John Textor publishes alleged proof of manipulation in Adryelson’s expulsion in the game between Botafogo and Palmeiras

A few months after beginning his accusations of match-fixing in Brazilian football, the owner of SAF do Botafogo, John Textor, released the first of his supposed evidence. The game in question is Glorioso against Palmeiras, which ended up being decisive for the São Paulo team’s subsequent title, accusing the referee responsible for VAR, Rafael Tracito manipulate the images.

According to the analysis of a company hired by the North American, the referee would not have offered the best images and reading of the game to the main judge, Bráulio da Silva Machado. Therefore, the justification for the expulsion was DOGSO, which means preventing a clear scoring opportunity.

Despite this, to configure DOGSO, there are four crucial points in the play that need to be present, namely: control of the ball, direction of the goal, defender, possession of the ball. The question is about ownership and control of Breno Lopes over the ball at the moment it is hit by Adryelson.

Last Wednesday, 5th, the president of Palmeiras, Leila Pereira, went to the CPI on sports betting manipulation, in Brasília, and commented on the accusations. Following the stance of denying the existence of such a conspiracy, the representative criticized Textor and called for the top hat’s banishment from Brazilian football.

Palmeiras won the game in question and headed towards the Brazilian title – Getty Images

I have no doubt that John Textor would have to be banned from Brazilian football, because with these irresponsible, criminal allegations, he affects not only Palmeiras, he affects the entire credibility of this great product that is Brazilian football.“, accused Leila on the topic.

Source: sportbuzz

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