Athletistic / Football. Former Russian national team defender Andrei Eshchenko explained why he decided to leave Spartak Moscow. After his football career ended, he was part of the Red and White coaching staff for a while.

“In the winter of 2022, Vanoli came to Spartak, who counted on me as an assistant. I accepted, but already in May Paolo left the club for political reasons. Then the sports director Cattani came to me and said: “I know. , you want to coach. Go to the academy, we will select one of the ages for you.”

I said, “Okay, I’m ready to go to the academy, but not to coach kids.” While playing in Irkutsk, I worked with little ones – this experience will last me for the rest of my life. Therefore, in Spartak I became deputy technical director. They offered me to take 2009, but I refused and ended up moving to Krasnodar,” Eshchenko said according to Sport24.

Andrey Eshchenko was a Spartak player from 2016 to 2022. With the red and white he became the champion of Russia, winner of the country’s Cup and Super Cup. In 2022-2023, Yeshchenko held various positions in the structure of the capital club. He now works as head of youth football development in Kuban.