An all-inclusive week for C: from the gala to the drama in Ancona to reach the final. Here…

The seventh season is about to end, which cannot be called “trivial” in the magical world of Serie C. Where, as Articolo31 said, “an exceptional feat is to be normal.”

From Monday’s event at the Milan Triennale, where Lega Pro has polished itself to reintroduce itself to the general public, not only through graphic design (the new logo winks at new generations of gamers, and rightly so), but also and above all with the desire to remind those who lives on the upper floors, why are they right there? “Night C” were overwhelmingly concerned about how important the third series could prove to be for them. With or without second teams.

The next day, as the memory of feathers and glitter faded, came the most dreaded day for everyone in the world of Series C: the filing deadline. While waiting for Covisoc to check that the sixty eligible people had completed their homework, the first bomb inevitably went off. Dressed in white and red. ColorsAncona.

Among the many companies that were targeted because they were considered shaky, Dorica was not in fact there. Tony Tiong, the Malaysian manager who owns the company, never even thought about such a situation in all his years of management. The club is one step away from expulsion for non-payment of salaries to its members. Objectively a surprise for everyone. It’s a bit like what happened last year with Pordenone and the Lovisa family’s decision to give up their membership and start from scratch, given the inability to cover the running costs of the professional club.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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