Kafanov said that during his work in the Russian national team, not a single goalkeeper refused a challenge

Goalkeeper coach Russian national team Vitaly Kafanov told that during his time with the national team, not a single goalkeeper refused a challenge.

On Friday, the Minsk national team defeated the Belarusian team in a friendly match with a score of 4:0. Alexander Maksimenko replaced Matveya Safonov during the break, also in the Russian team’s candidacy Ilia Lantratov And Andrey Lunev .

— Safonov and Maksimenko played the game with confidence?

— Yes, we played with complete confidence, at our level. Everything that needed to be done was done with complete confidence. I would like to congratulate Sasha Maksimenko on his debut for the national team, he has been waiting for this for a long time. There was a mistake, he corrected it – everything else was as it should be.

— How did you motivate the guys? Karpin was afraid of his vacation status.

— There were no problems in this regard, because when the national team arrives, everything takes a back seat: vacations and the championship. The national team has a special atmosphere; those who want to play and win come here.

— When you were part of the Russian national team, were there cases of goalkeepers refusing to be called up?

— This has never happened among goalkeepers in these three years. On the contrary, there were cases when I didn’t call anyone, and then I called that the player would most likely be fourth and we would cut him from the nomination. The footballer responds by saying: “I agree to go fourth, to be uncoupled, call me.” And every goalie I talk to says that. Now let’s say the main clip is already formed. These are the four current goalkeepers. And there is also a spare clip. If before there was only a large bench of goalkeepers, today we can say that there will be a division.

— Can we say that almost all guys have the same value?

– These four absolutely are. There was no number one, but now it is of course Matvey (Safonov). He has spent this season very consistently both in the national team and in the club. This is his most consistent season, which is why he is number one. The other three goalkeepers are worthy of each other,” Kafanov told .

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Source : MatchTV

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